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Children are taught History at Papplewick with the intention that they ask not simply 'what do we know?' but 'how do we know?'As such the boys are regarded not simply as people who study the past but as student historians able to employ, in an increasingly sophisticated way, the skills of the historian. Such skills should be applied through a variety of formats: through writing, interactive whiteboard presentations, role-play, oral history, site visits, creative projects and through frequent discussion and debate. Above all, by emphasising the fact that history is about people, and through enthusiastic, well-informed, teaching we hope to bring an appreciation of the past, and of the value of the subject, to the boys at Papplewick.

Below is a list of the revision notes available for years 5-8. Click on a link to download the notes. When reading the notes start at 'five past one on the clock' and read in a clockwise direction. Scroll down until you find the notes you need.

CE Revision Notes

Essay writing Notes

Evidence question hints and tips


Parliamentary Reform

Abolition of Slavery



Peterloo Massacre

Battle of Trafalgar

Definition of Some Key CE Historical terms

The Black Death

Henry II and Becket

 CE Revision Programme 2016

YEAR 8 Scholarship Revision Notes

Why do we Study History?

Why do Wars begin?

Great Individuals

Why do Revolutions begin?

Year Six Revision Notes

Gunpowder Plot

Jacobite Rebellion

Battle of Marston Moor

Henry VIII and the Reformation

Oliver Cromwell

Scientific Revolution

Year Five Revision Notes

End of the Aztec Empire

Spanish Invasion


The Olympic Games