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The boys' health is in the care of the School Doctor, Dr. Patel, with whom all boys will register under the National Health Service once they commence boarding. Dr Patel holds surgeries twice a week at Papplewick, on Monday and Thursday mornings, and is on call for emergencies. In addition, the School Nurse holds a daily weekday surgery (Monday to Friday), is in attendance for main home matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and additionally, is on call if required.


The nurse, who is a Registered General Nurse, will treat minor illnesses, together with the Assistant Matrons, and Houseparents who all  First Aiders. Cases requiring more than minor surgery, or needing continuous attention at night are treated in neighbouring Private, or NHS hospitals. For your convenience, we do recommend insurance cover for private health care, and for overseas boys it is compulsory. You may already hold cover, in which case, please forward details to the surgery, or we can offer details of the school BUPA scheme.

A medical record form, with consent for medical treatment and non-prescription medication, will be sent to parents of new boys before the term commences; care should be taken to complete ALL of  the form and return it  to the School Nurse.  Parents are reminded that their son should be treated as a 'temporary patient' when seen by any doctor whilst at home and in the holidays.

It is very important that the School Doctor, and School Nurse be informed of any illnesses and/or medical treatment received during the school holidays, and where possible, a report from the home Doctor should be sent to Dr. Patel at school to ensure that no incompatible medicines are prescribed. All medicines/pills of any nature, including vitamin pills, should be given directly to the School Nurse or Houseparent. Boys may not administer medication to themselves, even if they have done so during the holidays, unless they have been given prior permission by the School Doctor or Nurse.

In the case of overseas boys, please ensure that all medication arrives at school with a comprehensive English translation.

We have a four-bedded sick bay, which is pleasantly decorated. When boys are admitted to sick bay, the Nurse, Assistant Matron or Houseparent will contact the parents with relevant  information. We keep in regular contact with home, either by phone or email when a boy is unwell. If it is considered that recovery will be aided by a boy returning home then this will be suggested and many local boys are now looked after at home.