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         River Corfe data collection

Geography is an essential component in preparing young people for life in the twenty-first century. It is concerned with the interaction between people and places. Indeed, as the pace of change quickens, communications become faster, and challenges to the environment multiply, a knowledge and understanding of geography is more vital than ever.

The main aim therefore of the Geography department at Papplewick is to help the boys to develop an informed concern for the world around us, and an ability and willingness to take positive action, both locally and globally by recognising some of the more important geographical patterns and relationships which are revealed in different types of landscape, and in different human activities.

                                                    Pupils' Resources

I have included a blank Diagrams booklet here as well so you can draw the diagrams you will be expected to know for the exam. The filled in one is also here so if you are struggling you can copy that. Use your revision guide to help and ask your teacher to check you have included enough detail in your annotations! There are also some mind maps if you would rather revise from these.

Case Studies for Common Entrance

It is important to learn the facts and figures for your case studies as you will be expected to know them for the exam, and detail is vital! Below are the the case studies you need to know and the information sheets for them. I suggest you summarise them on to small case study cards to help.

Rivers and Coasts - Bangladesh Floods 2012

Tectonic Activity - Montserrat Eruption 1998 (LEDC)

Tectonic Activity- Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami (2010)

Transport - High Speed 2

Settlement - Sustainable Development - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

 Ordnance Survey:

Ordnance Survey Map Practice

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