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At Papplewick, we aim at nurturing the boys’ linguistic abilities. We promote success and develop a love of the subject through the various Modern Foreign Language skills. To achieve this, in the Lower School (years 2, 3 and 4) the boys focus on learning French phonics with a native speaker and have weekly dictations to help them absorb the different sound patterns in order to develop their reading and speaking skills. They are also introduced to basic grammar (verb conjugations and sentence building) as well as lots of conversational French to develop their listening and writing skills. We celebrate the French language and culture through cross-curricular language days.

In the Middle School (years 5 and 6) and Upper School (years 7 and 8) more emphasis is put on developing their confidence at using the target language. In the early part of year 7, the boys spend a week fully immersed in Burgundy in preparation of their year 8 Common Entrance and Scholarship exams. Each boy is given a learning programme tailored to his individual needs and ability. This ranges from the French beginner programme for boys experiencing the language for the first time, to our intense scholarship programme for boys who excel in the language and native speakers. Through the use of our designated language lab as well as iPads, lessons are kept as interactive as possible to nurture the boy’s learning abilities to inspire a lifelong love for the language. This provides them with the solid base required in listening, speaking and writing skills to be ultimately successful in their scholarship and Common Entrance examinations.

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