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Old Boys

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Old Boys’ Day 2020 Sunday July 5th

Old Boys’ Day this year is scheduled for Sunday July 5th but at the moment it is impossible to let you know of any definitive plans for possible arrangements because of coronavirus. As the School may well be back in action some time before the end of term we are considering the possibility of holding our usual gathering the day after the end of term. Old Boys who left Papplewick in 2010, ten years on from leaving the School, are particularly invited back. It will be good to meet up with your contemporaries, watch some cricket and have a look around the School once again.

If we get the ‘go-ahead’ do come if you can, perhaps arriving in time for something to eat. Lunch will be at 1.00 pm and there will be tea in the pavilion at 4.00 o’clock if the cricket match v the HM’s Xl is on.

The practicability of staging a reunion will become clearer as the term progresses and we can only say at this stage that we shall keep you informed of how plans are going on the Old Boys’ page of the website.

1st June 2020 


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